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Our expertise spans the entire lifecycle of CCTV systems - from visionary design to seamless supply, deployment, and maintenance. We offer a dynamic range of camera types, whether it's dome, bullet, panoramic, PTZ or thermal cameras. Our Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are available both in standalone and virtual environments, guaranteeing robust and highly available solutions. But it doesn't stop there - our innovation extends to video analytics. With insights extracted through applications like License Plate Recognition, Face Recognition, People Counting, and Object Detection, your surveillance system becomes a wellspring of information. CHIP ensures that every frame captured serves a purpose, safeguarding your spaces with an unmatched dedication to innovation and excellence.

Elevating Excellence: CHIP's Gold Partnership with Axis Communications

At CHIP, we proudly hold the prestigious status of a Gold Partner within Axis Communications, a global leader in the CCTV domain. As a Gold Partner, we gain unparalleled access to Axis' cutting-edge technology, comprehensive training, and world-class support. This collaboration allows us to offer not only superior products but also an edge in pricing. This translates into exceptional benefits for our clients. Being Gold Partners grants us a competitive advantage, enabling us to deliver innovative, reliable, and cost-effective security solutions. Our collaboration with Axis empowers us to craft sophisticated solutions, ensuring that our clients receive not only industry-leading products but also the highest level of expertise and support.
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Genetec Unified Solution

We’re honored to be recognized as an Elite Partner of Genetec – a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier security solutions. Our team is composed of expertly trained engineers and seasoned system integrators who specialize in deploying the Genetec Security Center for our clients.
The Genetec Security Center is a state-of-the-art, integrated platform designed to unify various security aspects, ensuring unparalleled safety and operational efficiency for diverse environments. Our collaboration with Genetec is more than a partnership; it’s a synergy of expertise and innovation, aimed at providing the highest level of security solutions.

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Intelligent Insights Through Video Analytics

Our camera systems go beyond traditional surveillance. We leverage advanced video analytics to extract valuable insights from captured footage, elevating security to a strategic advantage. With applications like License Plate Recognition, Face Recognition, People Counting, and Object Detection, we’re not just monitoring – we’re analyzing. This empowers smarter decision-making, optimizes operations, and enhances safety across a spectrum of sectors, from retail to transportation, making every frame a wellspring of actionable intelligence

Face recognition for the name and age using a CCTV camera

Tailored Recording Solutions for Every Need

We offer diverse NVRs, servers, storages for your CCTV needs. Custom-designed based on your specs, like retention period, frames rate, and resolution, ensuring precise capture and management of your footage.


Precision Control for
Optimal Monitoring

With Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras, you gain complete
control over your surveillance. Effortlessly pan, tilt, and
zoom to focus on specific areas of interest in real time.
Whether you need to track moving subjects or survey
a wide area, PTZ cameras provide the flexibility and
precision required to keep your premises secure.


Comprehensive Panoramic Views

360-degree cameras redefine your surveillance
capabilities, offering an immersive panoramic view
that captures your entire environment in a single
glance. These cutting-edge cameras eradicate blind
spots, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed and providing
an all-encompassing visual record of your premises.
Perfect for expansive spaces and areas requiring
meticulous monitoring, these cameras deliver an
unobstructed perspective that is invaluable for
maintaining security and awareness. The palm-sized
camera can be easily installed on walls or ceilings.


Unveiling Invisible Insights for Enhanced Security

CHIP harnesses the power of thermal cameras, revealing hidden threats through heat signatures. Enhancing surveillance in darkness, smoke, and adverse conditions, these cameras redefine security with unmatched detection capabilities.

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