CHIP Launched its new Time Attendance Solution

CHIP Launching Integral ; Its new Time Attendance, HR and Payroll solution

In an exciting move for businesses seeking a comprehensive Time Attendance, Payroll and HR management solution, CHIP has unveiled Integral, a state-of-the-art system designed to streamline workforce management processes. The launch event, hosted at CHIP Headquarters, was a vibrant celebration of innovation, Celebrated with a cake-cutting event, this was a fun way to start a new era in managing people at work.

Integral is a multifaceted platform that offers an array of features tailored to modern HR needs, including time attendance tracking, payroll management, and employee information management. It integrates cutting-edge technologies such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition and mobile check-in, making it easier than ever for businesses to manage their workforce efficiently.

A standout feature of Integral is its advanced scheduling capabilities, offering the flexibility to create complex, adaptable employee schedules tailored to the unique demands of various industries. This enables businesses to efficiently plan shifts, meeting the dynamic needs of their operations. Integral also simplifies the intricacies of payroll management, streamlining the calculation of salaries, bonuses, and deductions to enhance accuracy and save time.

Furthermore, Integral enhances Human Resources functionalities by offering a centralized database for storing and managing all employee-related information. This enables HR departments to access and update records easily, from personal details to job histories, fostering a more organized and efficient HR workflow.

Integral’s biometric technology, such as face, iris, or fingerprint scanning, not only enhances security and accuracy for time attendance but also mitigates traditional timekeeping issues, offering a reliable, tamper-proof attendance record. Additionally, Integral’s compatibility with various leading hardware manufacturers ensures that businesses are not limited to a single brand or technology, allowing for a more flexible and comprehensive approach to managing employee attendance.

Integral’s mobile check-in capability stands out by offering employees the flexibility to mark their attendance from remote locations, making it an ideal solution for businesses with field workers or those adopting hybrid work models. This feature ensures accurate tracking of working hours while accommodating the dynamic nature of modern work environments.

CHIP’s commitment to innovation is evident in the development of Integral, which promises to revolutionize the way businesses manage their human resources. By combining advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces, Integral addresses the evolving needs of the workforce, empowering companies to achieve higher productivity and operational excellence.

To learn more about how Integral can transform your HR processes and for further information on its features and capabilities, visit the Integral website at This platform is not just a step forward in HR technology; it’s a leap towards a more efficient, secure, and manageable future for businesses worldwide.

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