Fire Detection

Alert and Ready: Enhancing Fire Detection Solutions with CHIP

Reliable Fire Alarm Systems for Maximum Safety

At CHIP, our fire alarm systems meet global standards like UL and EN, ensuring top-notch reliability. We understand the importance of fire detection – it's not just about having a system, but also about how it's designed, regularly checked, and having trained personnel. Our solutions are carefully planned and regularly maintained, backed by trained responders. Count on us to provide safety, from system design to real-time response.

Leveraging Advanced Access Controller Technology for Enhanced Security

Tailoring our solutions to each unique project, CHIP exclusively employs cutting-edge controllers to drive access control systems, ensuring unparalleled security and performance. Our commitment extends to meticulously selecting the best technology for our panels based on project specifics, client requirements, and operational needs, solidifying our dedication to delivering top-tier solutions.
Mercury Access Control Panel in Blue


Versatile connectivity, allowing seamless integration of diverse reader types, including card and biometric readers, via both traditional Wiegand protocol and secure, encrypted channels like OSDP.

Multiple Outputs

Dynamic output interfaces for connecting and managing a wide array of devices. From door locks and sensors to advanced building automation systems.

Ethernet Connection

Ethernet communication with open architecture design, enabling smooth integration into modern network environments, facilitating seamless data exchange and real-time access control management.

Inputs for Sensors

inputs offering a gateway to connect and engage with various elements. Whether interfacing with cabinet tamper monitoring, UPS fault detection, or a myriad of other devices.


Embrace Next-Gen Security:
Your Smartphone, Your Key!

This innovation turns smartphones into access keys, providing unmatched convenience and flexibility. Users can effortlessly access premises, eliminating the need for physical keys or cards. Mobile credentials offer touchless entry, aligning with health-conscious environments. By adopting mobile credentials, you elevate user experience while ensuring adaptability and heightened security in the digital age.

Mobile phone accessing a door using mobile credential

Seamless Access with Advanced Biometric Solutions

Experience next-level security and convenience with our biometric devices, ensuring foolproof access control through unique biological markers, eliminating the need for traditional keys or cards

Idemia Fingerprint reader for opening a turnstile
  • Fingerprint Scanners
  • Vein Recognition
Face Recognition device for access control
  • Face Recognition
  • Iris Scanners
Idemia Palm device for access control
  • Contactless Fingerprint scanners
  • Hand Geometry Scanners
HID Card reader

Tech-Powered Access:
Simplifying Your Entry Process.

Badge readers are used with ID badges or access cards that contain electronic credentials, providing a secure and efficient access control solution. These cards, utilized by employees, students, visitors, and guests, ensure access is controlled and monitored. Our emphasis on secure badge card technology guarantees they cannot be cloned, upholding the integrity of our security measures.


Uniting Security and Efficiency in Every Turn!

From seamless speed gate turnstiles to versatile tripods, barriers, and even robust bollards and road blockers – CHIP offers a spectrum of access solutions. Our cutting-edge access control system seamlessly manages each gate, orchestrating a symphony of security that ensures smooth pedestrian and vehicle access, underscoring our commitment to safeguarding your spaces with innovative precision.

turnstiles deployed for access control


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