CHIP’s Green Shift with Ziad Abi Chaker

A Greener Tomorrow: CHIP & Engineer Ziad Abi Chaker's Eco-Initiative

At CHIP Lebanon, we’re proud to announce a significant advancement in our environmental initiatives, made possible through our collaboration with the esteemed Engineer Ziad Abi Chaker. Together, we have successfully installed a Cyclone Separator at our headquarters, a pivotal move in our mission to reduce emissions from our generators and contribute to a cleaner, greener Beirut.

The Cyclone Separator, an innovative technology in pollution control, operates on the principle of inertia to efficiently remove particulate matter from flue gases. This process begins with dirty flue gas entering a chamber where a spiral vortex, akin to a tornado, is created. The larger particulate matter, due to its higher inertia, collides with the chamber walls and gathers in a hopper, while the cleaned flue gas exits from the top. This system is particularly adept at controlling diesel soot particulate emissions, which are significant contributors to air pollution.

Our collaboration with Engineer Ziad Abi Chaker has been instrumental in this achievement. His expertise and innovative approach have been crucial in integrating the cyclone separator technology into our operations. This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to sustainable practices and our dedication to social responsibility.

By implementing this technology, we at CHIP Lebanon are not only enhancing our operational efficiency but also taking a firm stand in reducing our environmental impact. This initiative underscores our commitment to a sustainable future and sets an example for the industry. We’re excited to continue on this path of environmental stewardship, leading the way toward a healthier, more sustainable Beirut.

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