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CHIP empowers hospitals and healthcare institutions with cutting-edge solutions to elevate security and operational efficiency, including nurse call systems, time attendance systems, parking management, CCTV surveillance, and access control. We understand the unique challenges of the healthcare industry and are committed to delivering tailored, secure, and streamlined solutions that enhance patient care and operational excellence.
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How Our Solutions Are Making a Difference in the Healthcare Industry

American University of Beirut Medical Center

Project Value: USD 1,150,000.
Systems Implemented: CCTV, Access Control, Parking Access, Card Personalization.

Description: Our collaboration with the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) stands as a resounding success story in the realm of healthcare security and management. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones by seamlessly integrating advanced solutions. Our expertise in CCTV and access control systems, combined with our customized parking management solution, has significantly enhanced AUBMC's operational efficiency. Utilizing the power of Genetec Security Center, this partnership has tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of the medical center. Moreover, our ID personalization service have played a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations at AUBMC.

AUBMC Building
Hôtel Dieu de France

Value: USD 600,000.
Systems Implemented: Access Control, Parking Access, Canteen Management.

Description: Our partnership with Hotel Dieu de France, one of Lebanon's top hospitals, has yielded remarkable results. Through the implementation of Access control, and parking systems, we've enhanced their security and operational efficiency. Additionally, our tailored canteen solution has addressed their specific needs, streamlining daily processes and ensuring top-notch patient care. Together, we're setting new standards in healthcare facility management and security.

Hotel Dieu de France Building

Value: USD 320,000.
Systems Implemented: CCTV, Access Control, Videophone, Time Management.

Our collaboration with Arope Insurance, a prominent player in Lebanon's insurance sector, showcases our commitment to delivering cutting-edge security solutions. At their headquarters, we've successfully implemented CCTV, access control, and videophone systems. These solutions have not only fortified their security but have also contributed to a seamless and safe operational environment. As Arope Insurance continues to lead in the insurance industry, our partnership remains dedicated to safeguarding their assets and ensuring the utmost protection for their team and clients.

Arope Insurance Building
Saint George Hospital

Value: USD 850,000.
Systems Implemented: Parking Management

Description: For over a decade, CHIP has been an integral part of Saint George Hospital's journey to efficient parking management. Our enduring partnership has seen the successful implementation and maintenance of the SKIDATA Parking Management System. However, our resilience shone through adversity when the tragic August 4th Beirut blast caused extensive damage. In response, we swiftly redeployed a new system, ensuring the hospital's parking facilities continued to operate smoothly. Our commitment to Saint George Hospital remains steadfast, providing not only state-of-the-art solutions but also unwavering support in times of need.

Saint George Hospital Picture

In healthcare, security isn't a choice; it's our duty to protect the most vulnerable moments of life.


We are honored to have collaborated with numerous esteemed hospitals and healthcare organizations across the region.
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