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Enhancing Public Services and Security through CHIP's Innovations

At the forefront of the public sector's evolution, CHIP emerges as a catalyst for transformative partnerships. Our collaboration with government entities is a testament to our commitment to enhancing public services and security. With advanced CCTV systems fortifying urban safety, comprehensive access control solutions safeguarding government facilities, and time attendance solutions combating corruption, we're reshaping the public sector landscape. Additionally, our security systems play a pivotal role in securing vital areas and combating fraud, as exemplified by our work with institutions like Casino Du Liban and Beirut International Airport. These efforts are a testament to our dedication to fostering a safer, more transparent, and efficient public sector for the benefit of citizens and communities.
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Harnessing Innovation to Protect and Serve the Community

American University of Beirut

Value: USD 1,145,000
Systems Implemented: Video Surveillance, Access Control, Parking Management, Intrusion, ID Personalization, Intercom

Description: CHIP and the American University of Beirut (AUB) collaborate to enhance the university's security infrastructure. Currently, advanced CCTV and Access Control systems are implemented across the campus. Parking management systems for OSB, IOEC, and Charles Hostler parkings ensure efficient parking management. Emergency poles are strategically placed to provide immediate assistance during emergencies. Moreover, CHIP provides AUB with card personalization services for students and staff, further enhancing security and convenience. Together, these measures create a secure and conducive learning environment for students, faculty, and staff at AUB.

American University of Beirut Campus
University of Balamand

Value: USD 235,000.
Systems Implemented: Access Control, Card Personalization.

Description: CHIP and the University of Balamand partnered to enhance security and efficiency. Over 30 biometric readers manage staff attendance and access, while printers facilitate card personalization, streamlining identification processes. This collaboration creates a secure and seamless environment for learning and working.

University of Balamand Campus
Lebanese American University

Value: USD 120,000
Systems Implemented: Parking Management

CHIP collaborated with the Lebanese American University's Jbeil campus to optimize parking operations. Deploying barriers and a smart system enabled real-time car counting and occupancy monitoring, providing valuable business insights for efficient parking resource management. The partnership enhances the campus experience with smooth parking processes and improved traffic management.

LAU Jbeil - Campus in Lebanon
American Community School

Value: USD 570,000
Systems Implemented: CCTV, Access Control

Description: In a fruitful partnership with the American Community School, CHIP has successfully deployed an advanced CCTV system. Utilizing Genetec Security Center, servers and storage from Dell, this video surveillance solution ensures high availability and top-notch security for the school. With a commitment to safeguarding the school premises and fostering a safe learning environment, this collaboration has equipped the American Community School with cutting-edge technology, providing peace of mind to students, staff, and parents alike.

American Community School Campus in Beirut, Lebanon

Within the educational industry lies the base of innovation, where young minds blossom, ideas take flight, and the future is shaped. Protecting this industry is our responsibility.


We take great pride in our collaborations with esteemed educational institutions, delivering tailored security and management solutions that address their unique challenges. Through these partnerships, we have consistently achieved meaningful results, fostering a safe and conducive environment for students to thrive, educators to inspire, and the entire education sector to flourish.
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