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Reliable Security Solutions for Residential Properties

At CHIP, we're deeply committed to ensuring the safety of residential neighborhoods. Our top priority is making sure that residents and their homes are secure. Drawing on our extensive experience, we provide personalized security solutions tailored to the unique needs of residential settings. Our services include advanced CCTV monitoring, reliable access control measures, efficient parking management, trustworthy people counting systems, and vigilant intrusion detection. These integrated systems work together to create a safe living environment, giving residents the peace of mind and protection they deserve for their homes.
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Our Impact on Ensuring Safe
Residential Community Properties

Beirut Terraces

Project Value: 320,000
Systems Implemented: CCTV, Access Control, Parking Access.

Description: Beirut Terraces, a luxurious residential development, entrusted CHIP with a comprehensive security solution valued at USD 320,000. Our integrated systems, featuring high-quality CCTV for enhanced monitoring, access control for controlled entry, and efficient parking access management, ensure the safety and comfort of residents within this esteemed community.

Beirut Terraces
Solidere Residential Complex

Value: USD 1,950,000
Systems Implemented: CCTV, Access Control, Parking Management, People Counting, Intrusion

Description: CHIP partnered with Solidere to enhance the security infrastructure of their prestigious residential complex, valued at USD 1,950,000. Our advanced systems, including CCTV for comprehensive surveillance, access control for secure entry, efficient parking management, people counting for enhanced safety, and intrusion detection for proactive security, provided residents with the peace of mind they deserve.

Solidere Residential Complex
Waterfront City Dbayeh

Value: USD 570,000
Systems Implemented: CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion, Fire Alarm, Time Management

Description: CHIP provided a comprehensive security solution for SGBL, covering their headquarters and branches. Valued at USD 570,000, the solution included CCTV systems, access control solutions, intrusion detection systems, fire alarm systems, and time management solutions. These measures ensure robust security, fire safety, and efficient management of personnel for SGBL.

Waterfront City Dbayeh Lebanon
Sama Beirut

Value: USD 1,100,000.
Systems Implemented: CCTV, Access Control, Building Management System (BMS), Intrusion, Time Management.

Description: CHIP implemented a comprehensive security solution for Blom Bank Headquarters, with a project value of USD 1,100,000. The solution included advanced CCTV systems, access control solutions, a building management system (BMS), intrusion detection systems, and time management solutions. These measures ensure a secure and efficient working environment, protecting the bank's assets, and managing personnel effectively.

Sama Beirut

Homes are sanctuaries where families flourish, memories are crafted, and dreams are nurtured. Ensuring residential security is crucial for maintaining tranquility and nurturing a feeling of belonging.


Committed to serving esteemed residential communities, we've tailored security and management solutions to meet the distinctive needs of residents to ensure a safe and
serene living environment.
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