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In the fast-paced retail sector, safety and security are of utmost importance. CHIP provides customized security solutions for retail spaces such as stores, shopping centers, and entertainment complexes in Lebanon. Our extensive range of systems, including access control, video surveillance, alarm systems, and electronic article surveillance, safeguards assets and promotes the safety of employees and visitors while effectively preventing theft. Leveraging our expertise, we establish a secure setting that allows retailers to concentrate on providing outstanding customer service.
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Our Contribution to Secure Retail Establishments

ABC Lebanon

Project Value: USD 2,540,000
Systems Implemented: CCTV, Access Control, Parking Management, Parking Guidance, People Counting, Electronic Article Surveillance

Description: CHIP successfully transformed the security infrastructure of ABC's headquarters, elevating its retail protection and visitor experience. The project, valued at USD 2,540,000, encompassed advanced CCTV systems, comprehensive access control solutions, cutting-edge parking management, and innovative technologies like parking guidance and people counting to ensure a seamless and secure retail environment.

ABC Lebanon

Value: USD 435,000
Systems Implemented: Parking Management

Description: CHIP partnered with CITYMALL to revolutionize their parking management with a smart and efficient solution. With a value of
USD 435,000, the project introduced a state-of-the-art parking management system that optimizes parking operations, enhances customer experience, and maximizes parking capacity, making CITYMALL a retail destination of choice.


Value: USD 570,000
Systems Implemented: CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion, Fire Alarm, Time Management

Description: CHIP provided a comprehensive security solution for SGBL, covering their headquarters and branches. Valued at USD 570,000, the solution included CCTV systems, access control solutions, intrusion detection systems, fire alarm systems, and time management solutions. These measures ensure robust security, fire safety, and efficient management of personnel for SGBL.

Aishti Mall
Beirut City Center

Value: USD 1,100,000.
Systems Implemented: CCTV, Access Control, Building Management System (BMS), Intrusion, Time Management.

Description: CHIP implemented a comprehensive security solution for Blom Bank Headquarters, with a project value of USD 1,100,000. The solution included advanced CCTV systems, access control solutions, a building management system (BMS), intrusion detection systems, and time management solutions. These measures ensure a secure and efficient working environment, protecting the bank's assets, and managing personnel effectively.

Beirut City Center (BCC)

Safeguarding retail ventures, we stand as the shield for vibrant shopping experiences, ensuring security and trust are woven into every transaction.


Dedicated to supporting vibrant retail environments, we've delivered customized security and management solutions to meet the unique needs of retailers, ensuring a safe and exceptional shopping experience for customers.
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