Innovation Culture Event in Austria Picture from SKIDATA

SKIDATA Innovation Culture Event in Austria

Discover how CHIP’s General Manager, Mr. Hady Nahas, embarked on an enlightening journey to SKIDATA’s Innovation Culture Event in Austria. Explore the event’s focus on innovation, sustainability, and the partnership between CHIP and SKIDATA in revolutionizing parking solutions across the Middle East and Africa. Join us in the pursuit of technological excellence and corporate social responsibility.

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Marwan Harfouche at Checkpoint Barcelona Event with CHIP for the future of retail

Future of Retail: CHIP with Checkpoint in Barcelona

At a recent event in Barcelona, CHIP’s Operations Manager, Mr. Marwan Harfouche, explored Checkpoint Systems’ latest innovations in retail loss prevention. Checkpoint emphasizes digital transformation and agility to help retailers adapt to evolving consumer trends. Our ongoing partnership with Checkpoint is driving retail innovation, shaping the future, and enhancing security. Together, we’re making retail better.

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